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ETGO is an uber like mobile app but for finding ways of entertainment around.

The mobile app is divided into two sides, the goer and the entertainer.
The goers uses the app to browse, review, book appointments, and add ratings to the entertainer. The entertainer uses the app to accept/decline appointments, add time slots, add rules for the place and receive payments. My work was to create a smooth experience for both goers and entertainers.

I designed the the Interface and experience for the whole process by creating smooth user flows by creating some user reacher for the targeted audience on both sides.


To create a smooth experience to help the entertainment shop owners to manage their payments and time slots for each entertainment item and show them sales stats .
To help entertainment seekers on the process of finding and booking time slots in a fast and convenient way.


The mobile app is a totally new experience for the entertainment shop owners, I had to develop a smooth interface with the least amount of screens possible for them.

Research and design process