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Re-define smartphone


Blloc is a startup aims to design the smartphone experience to be more minimal and to the point. Without any distractions the users should be able to use their smartphones in a non-toxic way.

My work for Blloc was to create new features and updates in order to reach that goal. I worked hand in hand with developers to push new software updates and forming their design language/systems and user experiences.

Blloc’s software has three main screens. Tiles: which is used by the user to organize all apps in a non-toxic, catchy or messy layout.
Tree: which is a conversation hub between all the contacts through all platforms. Root: which is a services hub.


In general, Blloc’s main goal is to create a smooth experience with minimal UI components without excluding any key features, so the goal here is to gather all messages from all platforms and combine contacts in one conversation fro each one.


The challenge here was to find a layout that shows the message, from who, on which platform and keep that consistent with Blloc's design language and systems.

Tree has three main tasks and goals:

• Combine platforms messages in one screen.
   Tree Collects all messages from all platforms and show them by auto generated contacts. One conversation for each         contact.

• Reply to messages.
   User should be able to easily reply to each message and chose wich platform to reply on.

• Edit contacts.
  Sometimes the auto-generation code fails out of human errors and names, so user can merge contacts. User also can add.   tags to each contact and add up to 5 contacts in favorite lists to treat their notifications differently.